Juneteenth 2020

Today we celebrate Juneteenth; remembering 155 years since the U.S. abolished slavery in 1865. 

It started in Texas when 250,000 enslaved people were liberated. It took many years to become more recognized and accepted across the U.S. And is yet to be recognized as a national federal holiday. 

We too stand to celebrate African-American freedom and achievement while encouraging continuous self-development and respect for all cultures. 

We are so grateful, despite being in the UK, to be able to learn and hear about significantly important events due to the power of the media. If you too believe in closing the gap between any injustice and ignorance, here's an inspirational petition to help make Juneteenth a recognized holiday.

Although we may celebrate freedom from slavery, black lives are still enslaved by racism. And today Ibram X. Kendi made it clear that "Black people are not celebrating as if we are free." As it is as true that black lives are still under immense suppression and inequality.

Green World Collective encourages that it's more important than ever to help by being antiracist and standing against systemic racism.


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